Ways Businesses Handle the Truth: Blurred Lines (Not Robin Thicke–Rap Genius!)

RapGenius, why it was penalized? How they get back their original ranking? RapGenius is a company that makes its money from providing music lyrics. Every day, millions search for the lyrics to their favorite songs.

Zero Geek Speak!

For avid music listeners, especially hip-hoppers, RapGenius.com is the premiere site for lyric meanings and music news on the latest releases. A few months ago, a Google search for Rap Genius would have reared you little to no results outside of news articles about how Google ‘kicked’ them out of their search engine pool for manipulating search engine optimization (SEO).  rap genius 2

If you know anything about SEO, you know Google’s SEO is based on how many other links to your site are in cyberspace. The more people linking to your site, visiting it and sharing your URL, the higher you are on the search engine list when you get Google’d. According to news outlets, RapGenius used Twitter and various resources to solicit bloggers to include a link to their website in exchange for a blog shout out on their social media and web pages. Google didn’t take too kindly to RapGenius’s…

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