Your brand traffic is most important: Why first page of Google search should all be filled with you brand search?

The bard once famously asked, what is in a name? If he was referring to the Web we would have answered everything. It is not true that a rose by any other name on the internet would smell just as sweet, and for a variety of reasons.

The first reason has to do with those who love your brand. These are your most important allies and are the ones who influence and get others to experience your brand. Helping them find you easily (preferably on the first page of Google) will make their work that much easier in convincing others. Typically they are the ones who will use your products before everyone else, and influence the decisions of the early and late adopters, an integral part of the marketing cycle.

Secondly, branded traffic has very high click through rates, CTR. CTR measures the customers’ initial responses to websites. Most commercial websites are designed to elicit action either through buying, reading, watching a video or sign up for a newsletter. So the CTR measures the proportion of visitors who initiated action with respect to an advertisement/search engine placement that redirects them to a page where they might purchase an item or learn more about a product or a service.

It also turns out that Google is generous in how it handles your branded keywords, and that is an added incentive. So there is really no need to unduly fret over this. If your SEO is done well, then it will be easier for your site rankings to improve due to your branded keywords.

That SEO benefits accrue due to brand traffic has already been demonstrated. However, the ultimate goal of any online campaign is more conversions. Conversion refers to the act of transforming your visitors into paying customers. Branded keywords havea higher conversion rate than non-branded keywords.

The end result is that as more and more potential customers become aware of your brandonline, it will be possible to generate more sales, establish other important causalities and interactions and enable your company achieve a better ROI on your SEO campaigns.

Optimizing your website for your brand keywords should be done by a professional SEO expert. Someone who will be able to make sure that your brand keywords are found on the first page of Google without getting in Google’s bad books.


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