Do you send monthly newsletters to your subscribed users? If no then start it doing right away


Communication and contact are the inseparable parts of every successful business. If the business is able to develop and maintain contacts and relations with its customers then success and huge revenue are not difficult to obtain. In this regard, newsletters play a significant role. By developing a newsletter program, you can save time, money and strength. Thus, newsletters have become marketing assets for every business.

If you have a website, think how difficult to capture the attention of visitors because the time of their visit is too short and if cannot attract them they would not come back again. Therefore, you develop a strategy to make your visitors more time on your website and this is a part of crucial marketing strategy. Thence, you try to maintain a company blog. The blog helps to convey your message to the visitors. However, the blog reading takes too much time and thus blog becomes a passive effort of marketing. On the other hand, a pro-active newsletter is a more sustain and direct approach to convey your message efficiently to the consumers.

Three important aspects

SEO Expert in Singapore researched and found three reasons why do users like to receive newsletters?

  1. Every email letter has relevant content and timely delivery.
  2. Through informative content, email newsletter keep the users up-to-date
  3. The newsletter is delivered directly into the inbox of the users and they have the time of their choice to read them or to delete them

Thus, through newsletters you can reach every customer and can provide every detail of your product and service to millions of users in minutes. SEO Specialist in Singapore suggests that the newsletter should be well designed to catch the eye of the users and force him/her for an urgent action. A regularly published newsletter soon motivates the audiences. Nonetheless, you understand the real desire of the customer after the continuous and regular issuance of your newsletter. You can easily determine the tendency of the readers.

No doubt, that email newsletter is great communication approach. They can be just informational and promotional. Despite their importance, they are overlooked while moving between social media, website and consumers.


What should not you do?

SEO in Singapore thinks that you there are some important things that should be avoided such as without permission signing up people and to send daily emails. Obviously, people are receiving thousands of emails daily and they want to minimize the flow of emails and in this regard they find reasons to unsubscribe specific emails; therefore, you should set your frequency of sending emails to once in a week. The second issue without permission signing up people is legally wrong. If you add someone without his /her permission, you may force the person to unsubscribe.

You may not agree with SEO Expert in Singapore’s suggestions, in that case you can call us, we will show you how can you do it successfully.


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