Google local listing, star rating is not showing in local listing searches, what could be the possible reason?


To compose local business listings, Google utilizes data from different sources. From one or more sources, every listing encompasses information. For instance, it includes verified business owner records, third-party providers and user edits. Therefore, it is essential that you ensure the submitted fundamental information is correct. Obviously, you can verify it by entering a PIN. The PIN you will receive by phone number or post. Moreover, to the local listing, you can include information, too. The information will describe the nature of your business; in addition, you can add reviews, photos and hours’ information.

You must keep in mind a few things prior to begin:

  • Google Places is not available, for the time being, in all the countries

ü  If you want to know whether your country is included or not, you would have to click Add new listing after signing in your account of Google Places, then click the drop-down of country to make sure about your country’s presence.

  • You do not need to pay because it is free

ü  Google Places offer free local business listing. Clearly, in our search results, Google, for inclusion of specific listing, does not accept payment.  Nonetheless, by utilizing our AdWords Program, we can offer locally targeted advertising.

  • Mailing address is essential, for every business listing

ü  Logically, a physical address is required to send mails; however, if you do your business from home, you can select to hide the physical address afterwards.

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