Focus on user experience to please visitors and search engines

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Google refreshed its page layout algorithm in early February with a change that has been dubbed the “top heavy update.” The adjustment seems primarily to affect websites that have heavy advertisement population above the scroll. The objective is to filter sites that do not offer strong, original content up front and those with excessively busy layouts that distract users attention from page content. As with many of its updates, Google has been hinting at the change for several months. At Pubcon last October, Google s Matt Cutts said, If you look at the top part of your page and the very first thing you see front and center, top above the fold is ads right there, then you might want to ask yourself, do I have the best user experience? ” While attorney websites rarely display banner ads, Cutts emphasis on user experience is an important takeaway. When search engines…

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Content Writing Tips for SEO

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Writing SEO friendly content is not that hard. Unlike most people think, it doesn’t have to result in ugly prose. SEO friendly content is just content that was written with some attention to how a search engine might see the content. And the most important thing is, you should not sacrifice good writing just for SEO. Most of the best ranked articles like Wikipedia are written for readers as the priority.

1. Written for Human – Optimized for Search Engine

Nobody wants to read SEO content, not even the search engines. Everything points to the fact that Google prefer natural content to obvious SEO stuff. Moreover, there;s no point in great ranking if your content doesn’t good. So, focus on your audience but help the search engines find your content.

2. Keyword Density

Keyword density is one of the most tenacious SEO myths out there. But there’s nothing…

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