Mobile Unfriendly Websites are going to be banned by Google on 21st April

Your website is not friendly? If not, then you really need to change your website theme, design and font etc because Google is about to penalized such websites on mobile. You might be thinking that it will be difficult enough to get high ranked in Google search results. Google reported algorithms updates that will have a critical effect on mobile query items worldwide for Smartphone’s searchers. Google algorithm update actually enhances rankings for sites that give a mobile-friendly experience to searchers on Smartphone’s, and by affiliation, downgrades websites or blogs that don’t.

Google announced algorithm updates that will have a “significant impact” on mobile search results worldwide for mobile searchers.

Keep in your mind that mobile friendly upgrade just influences mobile query items i.e., searches on your Tablets, iPhone or in short Smartphone’s, not pursuits directed on a desktop or Computer. Moreover, the algorithm is connected around the world, page by page, on an ongoing premise. Around the world implies that the algorithm upgrade influences mobile searchers and indexed lists in all nations in the meantime, as opposed to simply taking off in the U.S. to begin with. Page by page implies that each page’s versatile amicability is judged independently. That is uplifting news if your ecommerce inventory is mobile benevolent however your gatherings or other substance areas are most certainly not. The disagreeable segments won’t bring about your whole site to be positioned as unfriendly.

With the release of Google’s new policy, it wants to give a support in the rankings of those websites which are just mobile cordial. While Google, with very nearly 67% piece of the overall industry has authoritatively made it pass that Responsive outline example is most favored by Googlebots, how about we see how Responsive Websites will have all the effect on the SERPs.

What’s more, content from filed Android applications can now be positioned in list items for searchers who are marked into Google and have that Android application introduced on their Smartphone. Google’s expressed objective is to enhance searcher experience. It’s disappointing to pursuit on a Mobile and arrives on a page that is so small you can’t precisely tap the connections without squeezing and zooming and looking to locate the right content or connections. Google is changing over that dissatisfaction into a change in its indexed lists, so that more mobile searchers will arrive on websites/blogs with positive mobile usage. It bodes well from the searcher’s viewpoint, which is the thing that matters to Google.

Effect on Your Ecommerce Performance

To begin with, figure out whether Google counts your websites or blog as mobile friendly. It doesn’t make a difference if you believe they’re mobile well disposed or your office lets you know that they are. What makes a difference is the thing that Google decides algorithmically in light of the fact that it has 100 percent control over how your site positions. Google has given a mobile friendly testing apparatus that breaks down every page that you enter and lets you know whether its mobile well disposed or not. The picture underneath demonstrates a page that is not mobile well disposed, and the assets that Google prescribes to determine those issues. Everybody can use below Google tool to check that whether their website is friendly or not:

How this influences your ecommerce business depends on the awesome arrangement on your mobile inquiry execution today. Keep in mind that the main movement and deals at danger here is natural pursuit driven by means of a Smartphone. Investigate the danger in any change that will effect website improvement regarding most dire outcome imaginable. The direst outcome imaginable is that the greater part of the deals driven natural inquiry movement through a cell phone vanishes quickly when the change happens. That is the most pessimistic scenario. It can’t deteriorate than losing it all. Without a doubt, the most pessimistic scenario won’t really happen, and the decline would be more like 80 percent, or 50 percent. At the same time measuring the most pessimistic scenario helps you choose if the issue truly is sufficiently huge to follow up on quickly. Begin by measuring the measure of influenced movement and deals today and focus the genuine effect of losing it all. Keep in mind; channel the visits and deals so that the information just contains natural hunt driven movement by means of a cell phone. At that point focus the effect to your ecommerce business if those movement and deals vanished totally on April 21. That is the way to focus the genuine expense. Likewise hard to quantify, be that as it may, is the open door that this algorithm upgrade reflects.

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Top SEO Metrics That Matter a lot

In Singapore, numerous endeavors are as yet utilizing catchphrase positioning as the measurements to gauge the achievement of an improvement battle. Gauging the accomplishment of an improvement battle on magic word positions in the internet searcher results pages is so a century ago. On the other hand, today there are still numerous endeavors that need us to give ensures on attaining to page one positioning for decisive words.

Keyword positioning ought not to be utilized as the fundamental metric to quantify the accomplishment of an advancement crusade. What’s the utilization of getting a keyword to first position on Google yet it yields no deals or different manifestations of changes by any stretch of the imagination? In this article, you will get to know about four Top SEO metrics that truly matter:

  • Organic traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing : A standout amongst the most vital targets of site improvement is to build the volume of activity to your site from web search tools through natural indexed lists. General natural activity expanded can be utilized as a powerful metric to quantify the execution of an advancement fight.
  • A change is any move made by a client:  A transformation can be a deal, a lead era, a download, a feature see, a structure fulfillment, and so forth. Before streamlining starts, we have to choose the right change to gauge. At that point, set up change pipes in Google Analytic s to track the aggregate number of changes from site design improvement.
  • Bounce Rate: Skip rate is a term utilized as a part of site activity examination that speaks to the rate of starting guests to a site who ricochet away to an alternate site, as opposed to proceed to different pages inside the same site. For instance, Alex, a fanciful web surfer, visits a page A on my website and ways out my webpage structure the same page A. This visit is considered a solitary page visit. Preferably, this is a ricochet rate of 100%.

According to Google’s analytics professional Avinash Kaushik:

“It is really hard to get a bounce rate under 20%, anything over 35% is cause for concern, 50% (above) is worrying.”

  • Maximum Time Spent on website: This metric is especially imperative to substance driven sites. For substance driven sites, deals transformation or lead era may not so much be the best measurements to utilize. Normal Time Spent on location can be a perfect metric in light of the fact that the more drawn out web surfers stay on a webpage to peruse the content, the more effective the site is.

Some tips when selecting colors for your website

Colors are important, website choice of colors define user engagement and Top SEOs recommend that website user engagement should be very high. They play a vital role in increasing or decreasing the viewership of your website. When a viewers opens your website link, the first thing which he sees are colors. Even before reading the material which he is interested in or looking for, he would go for the presentation of your website that of course include colors.

The very first thing, if you do not know how to use the combination of colors and play with patterns in order to make it more attractive, then please don’t do so. Spend some money and let the other person do it for you. Here are some important tips when you are designing your website or someone else is doing it for you, you can guide yourself with it. Focus what is your website is about? Information/ entertainment or research based? If it is about information, keep it light colored. If you are dealing with entertaining websites then keep them bright and colorful. If it is a research based website then it is okay to keep it light and plain because people are not interested in colors, they are looking for material to study. But some of them do. So its your choice again.

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How to make your website responsive and why its necessary for SEO?

A responsive website is that which is easily view able on different devices of different sizes. Nowadays it is important that your website is a responsive website because the use of mobile phones and tablets has been increased widely. People have shifted towards the new technology and due to the availability of 3G and 4G, they want any of the site to be accessible anywhere. So your website should be responsive in order to be usable. Easy reading and easy navigation is also a part of your responsive website design. It is made responsive when it is under the designing process. This might take a bit of your money too.

Now here we see why is it necessary for the SEO for a site to be responsive. The Search Engine Optimization is going to give to what you ask for. If your website is usable and responsive enough to be on the top, it would earn good to both the parties. Your business will run successful as well as the SEO function is fully performed. A responsive website design also carries flexible images. It is rapidly asked in this present age and SEO is a great help to it in different ways. It is recommended by Google and it provides a great user friendly experience as well.

Google local listing, star rating is not showing in local listing searches, what could be the possible reason?


To compose local business listings, Google utilizes data from different sources. From one or more sources, every listing encompasses information. For instance, it includes verified business owner records, third-party providers and user edits. Therefore, it is essential that you ensure the submitted fundamental information is correct. Obviously, you can verify it by entering a PIN. The PIN you will receive by phone number or post. Moreover, to the local listing, you can include information, too. The information will describe the nature of your business; in addition, you can add reviews, photos and hours’ information.

You must keep in mind a few things prior to begin:

  • Google Places is not available, for the time being, in all the countries

ü  If you want to know whether your country is included or not, you would have to click Add new listing after signing in your account of Google Places, then click the drop-down of country to make sure about your country’s presence.

  • You do not need to pay because it is free

ü  Google Places offer free local business listing. Clearly, in our search results, Google, for inclusion of specific listing, does not accept payment.  Nonetheless, by utilizing our AdWords Program, we can offer locally targeted advertising.

  • Mailing address is essential, for every business listing

ü  Logically, a physical address is required to send mails; however, if you do your business from home, you can select to hide the physical address afterwards.

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Do you send monthly newsletters to your subscribed users? If no then start it doing right away


Communication and contact are the inseparable parts of every successful business. If the business is able to develop and maintain contacts and relations with its customers then success and huge revenue are not difficult to obtain. In this regard, newsletters play a significant role. By developing a newsletter program, you can save time, money and strength. Thus, newsletters have become marketing assets for every business.

If you have a website, think how difficult to capture the attention of visitors because the time of their visit is too short and if cannot attract them they would not come back again. Therefore, you develop a strategy to make your visitors more time on your website and this is a part of crucial marketing strategy. Thence, you try to maintain a company blog. The blog helps to convey your message to the visitors. However, the blog reading takes too much time and thus blog becomes a passive effort of marketing. On the other hand, a pro-active newsletter is a more sustain and direct approach to convey your message efficiently to the consumers.

Three important aspects

SEO Expert in Singapore researched and found three reasons why do users like to receive newsletters?

  1. Every email letter has relevant content and timely delivery.
  2. Through informative content, email newsletter keep the users up-to-date
  3. The newsletter is delivered directly into the inbox of the users and they have the time of their choice to read them or to delete them

Thus, through newsletters you can reach every customer and can provide every detail of your product and service to millions of users in minutes. SEO Specialist in Singapore suggests that the newsletter should be well designed to catch the eye of the users and force him/her for an urgent action. A regularly published newsletter soon motivates the audiences. Nonetheless, you understand the real desire of the customer after the continuous and regular issuance of your newsletter. You can easily determine the tendency of the readers.

No doubt, that email newsletter is great communication approach. They can be just informational and promotional. Despite their importance, they are overlooked while moving between social media, website and consumers.


What should not you do?

SEO in Singapore thinks that you there are some important things that should be avoided such as without permission signing up people and to send daily emails. Obviously, people are receiving thousands of emails daily and they want to minimize the flow of emails and in this regard they find reasons to unsubscribe specific emails; therefore, you should set your frequency of sending emails to once in a week. The second issue without permission signing up people is legally wrong. If you add someone without his /her permission, you may force the person to unsubscribe.

You may not agree with SEO Expert in Singapore’s suggestions, in that case you can call us, we will show you how can you do it successfully.